Are you looking for picture quiz questions and answers?

Everybody loves a quiz, Wikipedia estimates that nearly 20,000 pub quizzes are taking place each week in the UK alone and most of these quizzes will likely feature a picture round.

Picture quiz question and answers

If you’ve landed on this page you’re maybe thinking of hosting a quiz and are looking to get your hands on some picture round questions, we’ve been in your position and when we went searching for questions online this is what we found -

  • Quizzes that you could take part in online but couldn’t easily use if you wanted to host a quiz in a room with real people

  • A limited number of quizzes that you could download.

  • Loads of images but no easy way to get the images off the internet and collate them into a quiz without spending hours and hours slaving over art and publishing programs on your computer.

Because this process frustrated us so much we decided to set up a website where you can easily download ready made picture rounds for your pub quiz on a wide variety of topics. The vast majority of our quizzes aren’t free (although we do have some free quizzes if you’re on a limited budget) but we think the time savings you’ll make when you use our quizzes will be well worth the small price that each of our quizzes cost.

What do I get when I download one of your picture quizzes?

Once you’ve paid for your quiz you’ll instantly be able to download the quiz directly to your computer. The quiz comes in PDF format, which you’ll likely be able to open straight away but if you have problems opening your quiz we have more information here.

Your quiz will consist of four sheets, you’ll get one question sheet that can be handed out to each team participating in the quiz, one answer sheet that will list the correct  answers for the quiz and then two further sheets that contain the picture questions for the quiz. Each of our picture quizzes contain 18 questions so they’ll be nine pictures on each of the A4 question sheets.

Each of  our quizzes has it’s own page on our website so you can get an idea of what the quiz looks like, here’s an example that you can look at should you want to know more.

Printable Quizzes

Because all of our quizzes are in PDF format they are very easy to print, just open the quiz file then choose print from the onscreen menu. You’ll be able to print out  as many copies as you like using your computer’s printer.

It’s not just about the quizzes

As well as providing quizzes for you to download we also like to write about picture quizzes, here are a few of things we’ve been writing about lately.

Hosting a successful  pub quiz picture round

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to host a picture quiz what is the best way to do it? What should you avoid doing and what will put you on the pathway to success? In this article we look at everything you’ll need to host a successful picture quiz from how to mark quizzes to the optimum number of questions to use in picture quiz round. We also go through how to pick a theme for your quiz and the different scenarios in which you can run quizzes and how they can lead to you and your business profiting. Click here to read the full in depth article.

How to create a good picture quiz

If you ever taken part in a well run picture quiz then you’ll know how enjoyable it can be, but in order to create a quality picture quiz there are a number of things that you’ll need to be aware of. In this article we go through the different options available to you in areas such as picture selection, sourcing questions and how to choose a theme that will get people buzzing about your quiz. We also look at the options available to you to create your quiz and describe a low tech method to create a quiz in no time. Click here to read more in our in depth article.

5 great for ideas for a pub picture quiz

Have you ever been stuck for themes to use for your quizzes? Then this article may well be exactly what you’ve been looking for. The article goes through five different themes explaining why they lend themselves so well to picture quiz questions and suggesting specific themes that you could use in your quizzes. To round everything off we link to some done for you quizzes in each category so you could have a quiz that meets your requirements in your hands in minutes. Click here for more information on the 5 great ideas.

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